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The writings in this section are to explain the concept and interpretation of "Virtual Insanity" as it as seen by and understood by the site's founder. They are also intended to raise awareness of the many forms of "Virtual Insanity" that each and every one of us live in, encounter or struggle against in our day-to-day lives.



2008 0720internal0007 Copyright Prince H. Marshall, Jr.Just as each of us are individuals, we each have our own version of reality. Each individual's version of reality coexists with and interacts with others, creating the fabric of existence that we accept as "real life" or "reality." With so many variables at work, simply accepting reality as it appears to be is actually passive acceptance of and the removal of your influence in it.

This section examines the nature of reality and the ways we can affect our reality and by doing so affect the reality of those around us.